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Fidelio Images on Wax

U.K. Photographer Fidelio Images had an eye for the Erotic and Fetish, such as wax. Featured in Issue 6 - the wax edition, Fidelio Images works with FetCat model Anna J on an amazing presentation of body and wax as a beautiful art form. Fidelio Images has become an official contributor to Fet-Erotica Magazine among other U.K. Photographers gracing the pages of the Fetish and Erotic sides of the magazine. 

photo by Fidelio Images

model FetCat Anna J


Fidelio Images

UK Photographer Fidelio Images   has been contributing content to Fet-Erotica Magazine since Issue 1.  One of his latest contributions was featured in issue six with model Anna J for the wax themed portion of the magazine, and in an interview with model Jynx for the erotica portion of the magazine.  

Looking forward to what's next for Fidelio Images and Fet-Erotica.  

You can see more of Fidelio Images on

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Model Anna J

Model Anna J

Model Jynx

Model Jynx

Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 6 - Wax Edition

With the release of Issue 7 right around the corner, we are proud to say Issue 6 is out featuring some really creative wax themed images. These artists have worked hard and dedicated time to their creations, bringing their beautiful concepts to life. 

In  this Issue, the Fetish Cover went to Photographer Robert Rainbow and model LadySith. This cover features the wax theme of the Magazine, where the cinomatic and dramatic composition of this set is what gave it the edge needed to be chosen for cover.  


The Erotica Cover went to Photographer Jimmy Deas, a U.K. Photographer who is our official U.K. Contributor to the magazine. Jimmy is a diverse photographer who shoots many different concepts and styles. If your're in town set up a booking with him, and expect an amazing and fun experience....never a dull moment with Jimmy. 

The model who worked with Jimmy on this amazing art nude set is Amelie Alden. You can see more of her work on her Purple Port account:


Check out the link below if interested in getting a copy of the magazine as well as the previous 5 issues of Fet-Erotica Magazine.