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Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 1

Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 1

Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 2

Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 2

Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 3

Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 3

Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 6 - Wax Edition

With the release of Issue 7 right around the corner, we are proud to say Issue 6 is out featuring some really creative wax themed images. These artists have worked hard and dedicated time to their creations, bringing their beautiful concepts to life. 

In  this Issue, the Fetish Cover went to Photographer Robert Rainbow and model LadySith. This cover features the wax theme of the Magazine, where the cinomatic and dramatic composition of this set is what gave it the edge needed to be chosen for cover.  


The Erotica Cover went to Photographer Jimmy Deas, a U.K. Photographer who is our official U.K. Contributor to the magazine. Jimmy is a diverse photographer who shoots many different concepts and styles. If your're in town set up a booking with him, and expect an amazing and fun experience....never a dull moment with Jimmy. 

The model who worked with Jimmy on this amazing art nude set is Amelie Alden. You can see more of her work on her Purple Port account:


Check out the link below if interested in getting a copy of the magazine as well as the previous 5 issues of Fet-Erotica Magazine.

Fet-Erotica Newsletter Vol. 3

Honey Bella | Photographer Jimmy Deas

Honey Bella | Photographer Jimmy Deas

Fet-Erotica Newsletter Vol. 3

The Magazine Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 4 will be releasing the first week of April. I have not been able to go through all of the submissions for issue 4 yet, but there are some amazing artists here. Thank you to all of you who have submitted and for everyone who is supporting and helping Fet-Erotica become what it is. We are very passionate about the magazine and the artwork everyone is sharing and submitting.

Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 5 will have the following themes:

Fetish side

- Latex

Erotica side 

- Open Submission

As always, we accept all types of submissions outside of the themes.

We are very excited about issue 5 and it being a Latex issue. FetCat Honey Bella from across the pond has been working closely with Photographer Jimmy Deas. In the process they have interviewed Latex Fashion TV, which we will be featuring in issue 5.

   Behind the scenes images from the Latex Fashion TV Interview and photo shoot with photographer Jimmy Deas and model Honey Bella

Behind the scenes images from the Latex Fashion TV Interview and photo shoot with photographer Jimmy Deas and model Honey Bella

Issue 6 will be a Wax Themed Issue. So all you wax lovers, enthusiasts and everyone who wants to have everything to do with wax, this is your issue.

If you have a theme you have created something for or would like to see more of please contact us and let us know:

Our Team

We are proud to announce U.K. Photographer Jimmy Deas as an official Fet-Erotica Contributing Photographer. Jimmy has been contributing content since Fet-Erotica started and we are grateful for his contributions, efforts and hard work to helping Fet-Erotica achieve the quality displayed in our issues. Welcome Jimmy and thank you!

Model Honey Bella | Photographer Jimmy Deas

Model Honey Bella | Photographer Jimmy Deas

We have 3 new additions to the Fet-Erotica Team. Models ToxicTechno, SunnyMay (Emmalee), and Michelle Cooper. The are all starting as FetKittens, which are potential FetCats and will be working hard to prove themselves and crossover to the FetCat Team. We will be setting up their profiles on the website soon, so be sure to check them out.

FetKitten ToxicTechno | Photographer James Ellingen

FetKitten ToxicTechno | Photographer James Ellingen

FetKitten Michelle Cooper | Photographer Nicholas Stark

FetKitten Michelle Cooper | Photographer Nicholas Stark

Fetitten SunnyMay | Photographer James King

Fetitten SunnyMay | Photographer James King

On another note, Photographer Darcy Delia has become an official Fet-Erotica Contributor. Darcy’s work is creative and loves to create with different types of lights. Please check her work out and look for her in the upcoming issues of the Magazine. You can see more of her work on social media:

Facebook: Darcy Lynn

Delia Instagram: Darcydeliacreatives

Twitter: Darcydelia

Model Elizabeth Tarter | Photographer Darcy Delia

Model Elizabeth Tarter | Photographer Darcy Delia



The website will evolve and incorporate a members section with exclusive content, FetCat and FetKitten photo sets, behind the scenes images and videos to our FetCat’s photoshoots. You will also be able to purchase prints listed in the Fet-Erotica Store.

More updates to come soon and we will give you a progress notice on the member’s section.


The Store

Fet-Erotica Store

Please don't forget to check out the Fet-Erotica Store. We are currently selling custom high quality hand crafted whips. We are also working with Anti-Social Products Unlimited to bring you an custom items you man be looking for. At the moment they are working on a series of custom masks and will be selling them here at Fet-Erotica

Check our our MonsterDam line from the U.K. All sexy women’s intimate wear from panties and tanks to leggings and sports wear. Visit our store and check out the sales.

We will be selling prints from Fet-Erotica shoots and our FetCats will be selling prints of their works as well. FetCats are taking requests for themes and concepts you would like to see them in. They are currently working on a Star Wars theme for all you Star Wars Fans!


Proud to announce we are currently working with MonserDam and selling their female intimate wear. Check out the store for their sexy, provocative and awesome designs.

Anti-Social Products Unlimited continues to bring us nothing but quality in all custom creations. Whips, flogs, bondage gear, restraints, and much more. If you have something you would like created, let us know and we will be happy to create it for you.

Vendors interested in working with us, please contact us at for details.

Fet-Erotica Fine Art |

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Photographer Jimmy Deas. |  Model Honey Bella


FetCat Model Honey Bella

FetCat model Honey Bella has been collaborating all of this week with photographer Jimmy Deas. She has recenly interviewed Latex Fashion TV in the UK, which will feature in the pages of Fet-Erotica Magazine. If you have never heard of Latex Fashion TV, then now is a good time to look them up if you are a lover of Latex. 

 "LatexFashionTV is an online video channel devoted to latex fashion and fetish clothing. We bring you fashion films, modelling, interviews, event coverage and fashion shows from around the UK and Europe.

Since our launch in 2015 we’ve published over 200 videos online, from cinematic featurettes and photoshoots to cosplay and couture. We celebrate and showcase latex rubber fashion along with models and designers who wear and create it."

Fetcat Honey Bella shot several sets with Photographer Jimmy Deas while interviewing Latex Fashion TV and we are all very excited to share the shoot, behind the scenes fotage of the whole process, and a the interview itself. 

Min the mean time here are a couple of images from FetCat Honey Bella and Jimmy Deas.