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Untamed Fury

Bondage Contest Winner - Untamed Fury

Congratulations Duchess Jealoquin!  Your image and your story are inspiring.  We are proud to be able to help support Artists like yourself who are dedicated to the art they create.  Thank you for taking part in this contest and sharing your story and art with us and the many fans and fellow artists of Fet-Erotica.

"I am the model, Duchess Jealoquin. I am disabled and spend the majority of my time in a wheelchair. Bound by the ropes life has cast upon me.

This photo depicts how I struggle and succumb to my restraints. Sometimes we have to admit defeat if we are to survive and fight again. Each day is this struggle though, with my ever decaying body, depicted by the decay of the abandoned building around me. My restraints aren't finite however, and with a quick flick of a knife they could fall from me. I would fall too though, for the restraints that hold me down are the only supports holding me up. Truly a conundrum of the utmost kind."  -Duchess Jealoquin

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Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 3

Issue 3 is finally out and featuring some amazing Shibari work. I would like to thank all the artists who submitted and everyone for their support. We are getting some amazing submissions from around the world and the artists out in UK are giving us nothing but the best as L.R.M. Photography and Model Bad Dolly take the Erotica cover for this issue.  This issue has a bondage theme and we featured some amazing Shibari work, including Photographer / Rigger Amaury Grisel.  

Photogrspher / Rigger DarkShibari makes a debute with a bit on his work in the magazine. If you don't know DarkShibari, please look him up, he's an amazing artist. Photograph / Rigger HangKnot also debutes, displaying his passion for the art of Kinbaki. Speaking of passion, Photographer /Rigger Visual Sanctity leaves a "mark", creative and passionate. 


I hope all of you enjoy this issue as much as we loved putting it together. Issue 4 will have many artists from U.K. We have a couple of interviews you won't want to miss and some erotic poems and writings from authors that will capture you imagination and pull you into their world.  

you can pick up a copy of issue 3 on the website


Fet-Erotica Newsletter Vol 2


 The Magazine

Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 3 will be releasing this week March 6 - March March 12. So far we have some creative and talented Riggers and Photographers who have submitted to the bondage theme for this issue. There are many views and expression which these artists portray in their role work and we are happy to be featuring it in this magazine.

Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 4 will have the following themes:

Fetish side
- Pinup with a fetish twist
- Creative styling and wardrobe

Erotica side
- Boudoir with an erotic feel
- Light vs. Dark creative lighting

We are working on themes for issues 5 and 6. If you have a theme you have created something for or would like to see more of please contact us and let us know:

Writing Contest - 2/22/17 - 3/20/17

We are starting a writing contest for all you writers. Winner of the contest has their piece featured in Fet-Erotica Issue 4. The subject for this contest is CHAINS. Your submission should be 300-700 words long in any format you wish. Poems are accepted as well. Submit your entry as an email to - subjevct should read issue 4 writing contest, describe your piece, attach and send. Deadline for your writing submission is 3/20/17.

Winner of the contest will have their piece published in Fet-Erotica Issue 4. Winner will receive a tear sheet and a digital copy of the magazine.

The Fet-Erotica Team


FetCats are becoming a cornerstone and I would like to announce our newest FetCats who have joined our team.

FetCat Ivy Jones

FetCat Ivy Jones

FetCat model Ivy Jones is from the pacific west coast and experienced bandage, wax play, and much much more kink as a nude model (starting about two years ago) and has since then incorporated kink in her personal life.

FetCat LadySith

FetCat LadySith

FetCat model LadySith is a mother, power lifter, and woman's activist. She has been modeling for over a year now. We asked LadySith what her idea or vision of what is Erotic, and her response was: "My idea and vision on what is erotic is what pushes the limit of comfort and test new boundaries that allows someone to find new and exciting aspects about sexuality and human nature."

FetCat Hannah Haunting

FetCat Hannah Haunting

FetCat model Hannah Haunting, the girl who has a love for the creepy and paranormal. She has been modeling since May of last year, and started out not knowing a lick. She's worked herself from the ground up. Modeling is her release, her happy place. She is able to throw herself into a world that is her own and let loose for a little while.

Our Team

FetCat & Assistant Editor

FetCat & Assistant Editor

In addition to becoming a FetCat model, Wolfling has joined the team as our Assistant Editor. A creative, diverse and beautiful model, Wolfling will be assisting and working on some of our upcoming writing projects. You can see her on the cover of our last issue, Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 2.


A major part of this newsletter is to help keep our fans and audience in tune and up to date with what Fet-Erotica and it's team members have going on.

March 10 - 16
In our U.K. division, FetCat model Honey Bella will be working with Photographer Jimmy Deas on several fetish concepts.

March 12
FetCat model Honey Bella will be interviewing Latex Fashion TV on a shoot with behind the scene images. If you're into Latex you will not want to miss this interview.

August 2017
Photographer / Rigger Sarca based in Italy will be working with FetCat model Honey Bella. Sarca's rigging is creative and tests boundaries. His perspective allows everyone to appreciate the art of rope work on many levels.

Meanwhile back in the states, if you love rope work, are a beginner and looking to learn check out Rope Bit ATL. They also offer sessions for intermediate and advanced sessions. Contact Chiral Shibari on
fetlife (-chiral-)

Rope Bite ATL
Sunday, March 26, 2017
Atlanta Hitchin' Bitches
TIME: 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm
COST: $5
LOCATION: Inspire Aerial Arts Studio

Hitchin Bitches is a space for Female* rope lovers/riggers/rope tops/dominants to learn and share in a peer to peer/unconference fashion.
Bottoms can be of any gender identity.Male bottoms are only allowed entrance if they have a female Top present to tie them. This is not a cruising spot. Male rope switches who have a partner must be in bottom mode only. This is a rope practice strictly for Female* rope tops.

The Store

Fet-Erotica Store

Please don't forget to check out the Fet-Erotica Store. We are currently selling custom high quality hand crafted whips. We are also working with Anti-Social Products Unlimited to bring you an custom items you man be looking for. At the moment they are working on a series of custom masks and will be selling them here at Fet-Erotica
We will be selling prints from Fet-Erotica shoots and our FetCats will be selling prints of their works as well.


We are also looking for vendors who would be interested in working with us, please contact us at for details.


Fet-Erotica Fine Art   |


Featured FetCat Honey Bella

This week's featured FetCat model is Honey Bella. Honey Bella is from the U.K. and is a fetish model with an amazing look.  

Model Honey Bella  |. Photographer Paul Eames

Model Honey Bella  |. Photographer Paul Eames

FetCat Model Honey Bella  |  Photographer Andrew Hall

FetCat Model Honey Bella  |  Photographer Andrew Hall