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Fet-Erotica Newsletter vol. 1


Many artists do not know, but Fet-Erotica Fine Art is a new platform designed to help artist portray their art that many already judge by name before seeing the art itself.  Fet-Erotica is dedicated to the art of all things fetish and all things erotic. We don't judge, but rather help educate many who do not know how these artists express themselves through this particular style and genre. Our focus is on quality, composition, and the appreciation of Fine Art. We hope that we are able to reach many of artists and fans and help them appreciate the art that many of the artists in our publication are working on and sharing with the world. I am happy to say that we have been receiving submissions from all over the world and we are happy to be able to display and provide this medium to the rest of the world.

Recognizing team members. Kit Monroe, has joined the Fet-Erotic Team on a couple of levels. She is our Junior Editor as well as a FetCat model. I would like to thank you for your diversity, open mind, and your passion and hard work that you dedicate to our journey. Thank you for your contributions and creative spirit and we look forward to you being part of our team for years to come. 

Kit Monroe, Junior Editor and FetCat  

Kit Monroe, Junior Editor and FetCat  

We would like to say thank you to all our contributors and artists who have submitted material to Fet-Erotica Magazine. We appreciate all the support and love what all of you are doing and contributing. Issue 2 has been out for a couple of days now. This being our first publication, we are growing and acquiring amazing team members who are working hard to develop and help Fet-Erotica evolve to becoming a great publication.   Issue 1 & 2 can be purchased here (

We continue to look for artists such as writers, models, photographers, digital artists, wardrobe stylists and designers, makeup artists and hair stylists, and latex designers to interview, feature, and submit their works. Please contact us via email at for details on how to submit. 

Many who have submitted for issue 1, your tear sheets will be emailed to you. You should have received a digital copy of he magazine. If you have not, please contact us via email ( to receive your copy.   Please note tear sheets will be made available after the next issue is published. 

Issue 3 is already in the works and will be released in early March. Issue 3 has a bondage theme and there are many artists who have submitted their top work. It's going to be an exciting issue filled with Shibari from different artists all over the world.  Special thanks to John Peterson for letting us use his images to promote this issue. 

Photographer John Peterson Model Anonn

Photographer John Peterson Model Anonn

Photographer John Peterson Model Anonn

Photographer John Peterson Model Anonn

Many of you have heard and know of our FetCat Models. They are our promoting team and proud to say they are amazing models who will be promoting Fet-Erotica through social media, events, and workshops. They will be booking shoots and submitting to the magazine as they can. You can find our FetCat members here

we feature a different FetCat weekly on our main page and in social media. This week's featured FetCat is Anna J


I would like to introduce our newest FetCat members to our team: 

FetCat model Anna J is from the U.K. 28 years old originally from London. She is half Russian and half Serbian, Niš meets Nizhny Novgorod. 

FetCat model Anna J  

FetCat model Anna J  

FetCat model Honey Bella. Also from U.K. She is an internationally published fetish model who adores fetish and erotic photography in all its sensuous glory!

FetCat model Honey Bella

FetCat model Honey Bella

Finally we have FetCat model LadySith. She is a mother, power lifter, and women's activist. She's  been modeling for over a year now and looking forward to seeing a great deal of growth from LadySith. 

FetCat model LadySith

FetCat model LadySith

Another update, the Fet-Erotica Store is now up and selling products for you kinksters!!!  The store can be accessed via the website:

we are currently selling whips and floggers, which have been custom hand crafted by Anti-Social Products Unlimited. They can create just about anything on different quality and price levels. If interested in having something custom made for yourself or someone you know please contact us via emai ( for information and pricing. 


The Fet-Erotica Store will also be selling prints from Fet-Erotica Photographers, FetCat Models, and Fet-Erotica Members.  Fet-Erotica T-Shirts, paddles, whips, BDSM items, harnesses, etc will also be available to purchase from our store. We will also be allowing other artists to sell their items through the store as well.   To become a member or sell your prints or items, please contact us for more details via email ( 

Writing Contest - 2/22/17 - 3/20/17

We are starting a writing contest for all you writers. Winner of the contest has their piece featured in Fet-Erotica Issue 4. The subject for this contest is CHAINS.  Your submission should be 300-700 words long in any format you wish. Poems are accepted as well.  Submit your entry as an email to - subjevct should read issue 4 writing contest, describe your piece, attach and send. Deadline for your writing submission is 3/20/17. 

Winner of the contest will have their piece published in Fet-Erotica Issue 4. Winner will receive a tear sheet and a digital copy of the magazine. 

Fet-Erotica Magazine

We are just right around the corner from releasing our first issue of Fet-Erotica Magazine. I would like to thank so many artists (you know who you are) for your submissions and contributions to the magazine. We have artists from around the world who will be featured in the magazine. This issue will mark the evolution of our magazine, website, and its community.  Thank you again. - The Fet-Erotica Team


Fet-Erotica Models

I would like to introduce our newest member of Fet-Erotica Models Heather Rose.  She loves to be Dominant, enjoys the art of bondage and foot play.  More of her work to come soon.  In the mean time you can see her current work on her social medial.

Model Mayhem: