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Photographer Nihil

Photographer Nihil


Erotic by definition is sexually linked, but a very subjective concept left to interpretation by the unique concepts of individuals and how they perceive the world. Fet-Erotica Fine Art is helping to unify artist's and express their views on erotic concepts with hints, suggestions, and reality of fetishes. 

Subjective concepts such as these create no boundaries to define art.  Many of these concepts involve the intricate fashions that designers have created to help with the expression of its art form. What stimulates the mind is what erotic can be, whether it be fashion to artistic nudes, we welcome the wide spectrum of artists and their works. This is  what Fet-Erotica is and what we hope to communicate to everyone when viewing and reading the magazine.  Fetish-Erotic Art may come with predefined misconceptions, but in our eyes art is art and that is what we offer our following, fellow artists, and community. 

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