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FetCat Model Honey Bella

FetCat model Honey Bella has been collaborating all of this week with photographer Jimmy Deas. She has recenly interviewed Latex Fashion TV in the UK, which will feature in the pages of Fet-Erotica Magazine. If you have never heard of Latex Fashion TV, then now is a good time to look them up if you are a lover of Latex. 

 "LatexFashionTV is an online video channel devoted to latex fashion and fetish clothing. We bring you fashion films, modelling, interviews, event coverage and fashion shows from around the UK and Europe.

Since our launch in 2015 we’ve published over 200 videos online, from cinematic featurettes and photoshoots to cosplay and couture. We celebrate and showcase latex rubber fashion along with models and designers who wear and create it."

Fetcat Honey Bella shot several sets with Photographer Jimmy Deas while interviewing Latex Fashion TV and we are all very excited to share the shoot, behind the scenes fotage of the whole process, and a the interview itself. 

Min the mean time here are a couple of images from FetCat Honey Bella and Jimmy Deas.