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Fidelio Images on Wax

U.K. Photographer Fidelio Images had an eye for the Erotic and Fetish, such as wax. Featured in Issue 6 - the wax edition, Fidelio Images works with FetCat model Anna J on an amazing presentation of body and wax as a beautiful art form. Fidelio Images has become an official contributor to Fet-Erotica Magazine among other U.K. Photographers gracing the pages of the Fetish and Erotic sides of the magazine. 

photo by Fidelio Images

model FetCat Anna J


Issue 10 - Body Art

 Body art can be expressed in so many forms whether it be a creative pose, body paint, Ink, piercings, modifications, etc...there are no limitations  to how creative you can get. We're looking for artists to express their art and submit to issue 10, deadline September 20, 2017. We have created a Pinterest board  to give you ideas on buddy are examples to help inspire submissions. Follow the link   Pinterest board 

photo by Eve Unleashed


Kapeture Portrait Studio

Fet-Erotica was created to help artists who create Fetish and Erotic Art, showcase and share their work with the world. We welcome all types of artists of many different styles who are at many different levels of experience within their works.  We are happy to see all the submissions come in as well as knownthat we are inspiring others to push boundries and limits in their creative work  

Check out photographer Steven Yancy of Kaperture Portrait Studio - IG @calikaperture And model Rebecca Lawrence as they create some amazing work to potentially submit in the near future.


Fet-Erotica Issue 9 - Rope

Issue 9 - rope vol 2 features a conglomerate of creative artists from Righers to Photographers to Makeup and Digital Artists. I love the collaboration of a good team and believe it or not makeup artists get involved as well. In this issue we feature Forevereffects, a beautiful and creative artist who is open to creating almost anything. Check out her IG @forevereffects and don't miss her interview in Issue 9 coming soon. 

Photo by Fet-Erotica

Model Chelsea

MUAH Forevereffects


Fet-Erotica Fine Art

The one thing I love the most about art and the many directions it's taking is the fact that many of these genres are beginning to crossover and blend with each other. Photographers, models, designers, MUA, and hair stylists are mixing and blending different art forms together. This has allowed art to grow and helped fetish and erotic concepts to be viewed differently in art communities. This is what we love about what we are trying to do with Fet-Erotica. We are trying to show that there is art in fetish and erotic concepts and break stereotypes That have plagued these concepts. 

We hope everyone is enjoying the magazine and the direction we are moving in.  

photo by Fet-Erotica

model Victoria Rose