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Issue 10 - Body Art

 Body art can be expressed in so many forms whether it be a creative pose, body paint, Ink, piercings, modifications, etc...there are no limitations  to how creative you can get. We're looking for artists to express their art and submit to issue 10, deadline September 20, 2017. We have created a Pinterest board  to give you ideas on buddy are examples to help inspire submissions. Follow the link   Pinterest board 

photo by Eve Unleashed



The Fet-Erotica Team continues to grow with the addition of 3 new FetCats this week. Updates coming soon where you can see more of their work and read all about them. 

FetCat model Lizifer

FetCat model Lizifer

FetCat Femina Carnale

FetCat Femina Carnale

FetCat EmilyRose

FetCat EmilyRose

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