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End of the quarter

we would like to thank all the artists and contributors who have submitted to Fet-Erotica, we tip our hats to you as it is your work that has brought us this far and continues to amaze many in the art world as well as other industries. We hope to continue such relations and look forward to making new ones along the way. As we grow we see our artists grow and it shows through submissions and the publication. I would like to emphasize that we keep an open mind when it comes to art. There are many who believe their work needs something that's missing in order to submit. Please do not compare your art with others as we accept many forms and styles at all levels. We are here for the artists and want to help everyone grow by challenging them and pushing boundaries. Do not become discouraged as we do give advice along the way and try to help as much as we can. 

The end of the quarter is near and we are very excited to publish the remaining issues of the year knowing that we have grown a great deal from when this was started to now. Here is a listing of what's to come:, please keep in mind these are not actual covers.

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Issue 8 BDSM available now

Issue 9 ROPE available 9/15

Issue 10 BODY ART available 10/15

Issue 11 FETISH FASHION available 11/15

Issue 12 TBA


Issue 10 - Body Art

 Body art can be expressed in so many forms whether it be a creative pose, body paint, Ink, piercings, modifications, etc...there are no limitations  to how creative you can get. We're looking for artists to express their art and submit to issue 10, deadline September 20, 2017. We have created a Pinterest board  to give you ideas on buddy are examples to help inspire submissions. Follow the link   Pinterest board 

photo by Eve Unleashed


Fet-Erotica Issue 9 - Rope

Issue 9 - rope vol 2 features a conglomerate of creative artists from Righers to Photographers to Makeup and Digital Artists. I love the collaboration of a good team and believe it or not makeup artists get involved as well. In this issue we feature Forevereffects, a beautiful and creative artist who is open to creating almost anything. Check out her IG @forevereffects and don't miss her interview in Issue 9 coming soon. 

Photo by Fet-Erotica

Model Chelsea

MUAH Forevereffects


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Fidelio Images

UK Photographer Fidelio Images   has been contributing content to Fet-Erotica Magazine since Issue 1.  One of his latest contributions was featured in issue six with model Anna J for the wax themed portion of the magazine, and in an interview with model Jynx for the erotica portion of the magazine.  

Looking forward to what's next for Fidelio Images and Fet-Erotica.  

You can see more of Fidelio Images on

IG: fidelioimages

Model Anna J

Model Anna J

Model Jynx

Model Jynx