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Best of Bondage 2018

For all you lovers of rope don’t miss out on this amazing calendar by @fineartofbondage Filled with intricate ties and beautifully photographed, this calendar makes a great Xmas present and an exceptional piece to collect. They are on #sale now!


Best of Bondage 2018

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ISBN: 9783946768104



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RPG - Rottn Products Glass

RPG was interviewed and featured in Issue 2. RPG creates an eclectic array of glass products suited to your kink. Check out their website for more info and a list of products -


Check out their interview and feature in issue 2 -

If you missed their kinky post today on IG here it is; shot by Photographer Captured Erotica


Model Mika Lovely on BDSM

BDSM is such a broad term that encompasses many kinks in various forms. Everyone has a vision, a feeling, or interpretation, and that's what makes it unique and special for each individual. Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 8 will explore some of these concepts from artists like Mika Lovely who shares some of her world with us in this short excerpt from her personal and professional experiences as a model.  Personally I can not wait for her project to be completed as I have seen a clip from her project: CREEP XXX, that stimulate the mind on so many levels and leaves a taste in your mouth so addicting that it has you begging for more.  You can see the clip to her video here:

Thank you Mika Lovely for sharing your world with Fet-Erotica and the community.


Mika Lovely on BDSM

I find that my kinks are not easily described by your typical, ideal responses (like: biting? Yes!) Mine feel more complex, like identities, and each are an umbrella for several others.

For example - as a 90's kid that was exposed to heavily sexualized females in media, one of mine is the femme fatale - a side of myself that is a tease with a dark edge, something I idealize and tap into often. As a whole, I consider myself a loving/sensual sadist with a succubus primal type (at least, I feel that is how it is best described - sorry, not sorry if that doesn't fit into your terminology norms!) I can't truly begin scrape the surface in this little snippet.

I love feeling the different energies I have inside me and exploring them with others who see them in me (in some cases, even before I did.) Playing with the line of pleasure and pain creates a giant blur, until it's just a gradient from one side to the other. They no longer become mutually exclusive, and it can be really intense and magical becoming the (insert deity/creature/feeling/etc) inside you and interacting with someone else's. I haven't participated in a ton of in-person sessions,  but I'm beginning to feel it's cathartic effects and noticing the changes in myself during and after play, which is amazing to say the least.

In front of the camera, I tend to include varied themes during fetish-styled shoots - usually based more in aesthetic and styling (latex, nylons/mesh, heels, and the like.) I used to prefer images where I was shown as Dominant, but as such, I acknowledge that here is a deep beauty to submission and felt I would be remiss if I didn't create all art that I appreciate. As a result, I've been photographed by some awesome rope artists and am grateful for it.

Behind the (cinematic) camera, unless I have a specific project planned out, I talk to my collaborators about their aesthetic and personal fetish interests before writing out a story/flow so we are both/all creating something that is meaningful to us. I strive to make my video work (currently: Creep XXX) dark, beautiful, and evocative - whether it is seen as arousing or disturbing; it makes you hot or uncomfortable - the project has achieved its goal.

What you should take away? I've yet to find a place where kink does not reside, either in silence or out loud. Appreciate it :)

photographer Rob Black

photographer Rob Black