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Dead Clown Studios

Photographer John Dollarhyde shows us an interesting and creative point of view on things.  

John Dollarhyde

Based out of Northern Virginia, I have been shooting for more than ten yearsI am a professional photographer, but my main staple of income is outside this industry.  Most of my work that deals with models involve nudity and a moody/ dark aspect.  I am always looking for that model that brings out the best in me.  I find my models in all walks of life.  I tend to be a planner.  I write out my concepts for starting points when I do a shoot.  I can adapt at the shoot, but I want time to develop concepts with my model.  I want to work with open-minded models who connect with my style, and who want to collaborate in the creative process.  By the end of the shoot, we should both be exhausted and proud of what we tried to capture.

model Echo Manika

model Echo Manika