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"Her Desideratum" 

As I lay in his shirt, the hint of lingering cologne mixed with his scent invades me, makes me think something about him, gives me this carnal need to be used by him, like the air I breathe.

To let him devour me anyway he chooses.

I need to feel every part of him, his touch, skin, his breath and I need release from the stresses of the day in a way only he can ease.

Just the thought of him gets me wet and wanting.

That intense feeling of pleasure as he bites my flesh and caresses me or how the leather tails of the flogger feels when it hits... mmm my body surrenders to the affect he has on me.

He owns me.

Mind, body, soul.

I give it to him freely.

This man, this man whom makes me feel things I never have, who I'd be lost with out.. who's voice can make me do things never thought imaginable... I am his.

He is my Daddy.


Photographer nmphotographic

Instagram nashville_beauty_photography

Model/ Erotica Writer Evangeline Carter