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Evangeline Carter

I would like to introduce Evangeline Carter who will be submitting erotic pieces with the Fet-Erotica Community. I hope you all enjoy! 

Evangeline Carter

Evangeline Carter


He makes my pussy purr...

Oh, how he does it and does it oh, so well.

He knows just what to say...

He knows just what to do...

How he makes that pussy wriggle

For fuck sakes, she has to move

His words he uses the most

Fuck, they make her drip

That voice makes her quiver

And reel from just one clip

Please, pet my pussy

She's a needy little cunt

All she's ever wanted is just a little touch

She wants to purr for you

She wants to hear you growl

She wants sit up in your lap

Until you force her down

He makes my pussy purr

Oh how he does it, and does it, oh so well.