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Featured Product by Coyne Leather

Hand crafted, custom leather collar with large O - ring and small D - ring.  The collar is designed so that the rings section can be removed and the collar can be worn as a choker.  The collars pictured below are custom made for our FetCat models baring the FetCat logo.  Fet-Erotica Collars are sold without this logo.  The price of the collar is $50 plus shipping.  If interested in purchasing a collar, please fill out the form below to place your order.


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Goliath Books



Photographia Erotica Historica“, a leather-bound miniature book with over 380 pages, gold embossed, and filled with photographic "obscenities" from the turn of the century. A unique, erotic collection of the best book arts. Reminiscent of times when printed nudity still had to be hidden, which may be the case again soon.

A miniature book is a very small book, sized no larger than 3 inches in height. These books became more popular in the last few decades of the 19th century because they were portable and easy to hide. Many are bound in fine leather, gilt and contain excellent examples of woodcuts, etchings, or watermarks. Subjects range from the Bible, encyclopedias, stories, and of course to the desired miniaturization of eroticas. Many are now collectors' items, with prices ranging from a few hundred to many thousands of US dollars.


Miniature Book 




Collectible high value leather-bound & gold embossed erotic photography miniature book


Publisher: GOLIATH  

ISBN: 978-3-95730-033-1


Book Size: 1¾ x 2¼” - 4,5 x 5,6 cm


Pages: 383

Images: 200 Vintage Photos



English, German, Français, 

Español, Italiano


Finishing: Hardcover, Leather-bound, 

Gold Embossed, Cardboard Slipcase


Goliath Books are now offering handsigned photography prints of some of its most iconic pictures from its most famous photographers, including the world renowned Leonardo Glaus and Holly Randall, king of fetish Christian Saint and pin-up specialist Chas Ray Krider.

All pictures are strictly limited edition - only 30 of each will be made - hand signed, high quality, numbered and available at a great entry-level price.


Contemporary art as well as photography underwent an incredible boom in the past 30 years. Reason enough, to finally build your own collection. If, when, how or why a piece of art increases in value can only sometimes be predicted. Unfortunately there is no guarantee. Rule number one is, to merely collect what you personally like. 

This is why Goliath has compiled a beautiful selection of images from which you can choose the ones you like best. The prints are high quality, limited to 30 copies and available at a great entry-level price. 


Available only at: Goliathbooks.com

The FetCat Issue

FetCat Honey Bella on the cover, photo by Steven Smith.  You will have the option of having one of these beautiful models autograph your copy as well.  Check back with us regularly for updates.  

Questions? please email us at info@fet-erotica.com

Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 13 Jan 2018

Featured Artist, Photographer Daniel Chase was recently published in Issue 13, the first issue of 2018 along with model Skye Dior, making cover for the Erotica side of the magazine.  To see more of his work, visit the featured artist section.

Fet-Erotica Magazine - Fine Art Collection

Darkwood Photography has teamed up with Fet-Erotica to bring you a collection of Fine Art Figure Models.  Click on the images or the button below to purchase a print copy.  

Darkwood Photography and his team will be working on projects for Fet-Erotica, joining us as our Staff Photographer

 Darkwood Photography

Darkwood Photography

 Darkwood Photography

Darkwood Photography

Featured Fet-Cat

 FetCat Toxic Bella Trix 

Photographer James Ellingen


This year's Fetish Fashion Issue falls in the month of September 2018.  We are very excited to see what the designers have in store for us this year.  

Photographer Busha

 Model Black Lilith

Fet-Erotica photoshoot with Model Little Red Scarlett

Photo by JC Stark | Model Little Red Scarlett

Models interested in working with Fet-Erotica to be featured and shoot for magazine content please contact us at:


 FetCat Kit Monroe

FetCat Kit Monroe

- Photographers interested in working with any of our FetCats, please feel free to contact us at info@fet-erotica.com and we will be happy to book you.

Featured Artist

 Model Tetra Tormenta

Model Tetra Tormenta

Fet-Erotica News

FetCats will be working on several shoots as well as putting a special edition of the magazine - FetCats Only...sign up for our mailing list for updates - Email List


Shibari / Kinbaku concept - Look for contest details on our contest page here: CONTEST ENTRY

 Photo by Obsessive Eye | Model Pure Rebel

Photo by Obsessive Eye | Model Pure Rebel

The Fet-Erotica Team

I would like to welcome our new FetCat Models Lizifer, EmilyRose, Strangelilgirl, Femina Carnale, and Pepper who will soon be featured with their own page on our site.  Updates coming soon.  

Fet-Erotica Store

FetCat custom coffee mug coming soon. Contact us for more info on how to get your favorite FetCat on a custom mug.

The Fet-Erotica Store is up and running.  We have several vendors with featured items.  Visit the vendors page for more details.  

The FetCats will be sporting their custom collars and the Official FetCat Uniform created by Coyne Leather.  We will also be selling our very own custom Fet-Erotica collars made by Coyne Leather.  Images coming soon. 

Fet-Erotica is also selling custom, high end whips and flogs created by Anti-Social Products Unlimited.  They are a company dedicated to fabricating quality and durable items for daily use.  They are working on a mask project and will be releasing them soon.  


Fet-Erotica Quarterly Newsletters - next news letter will come out in June.  To receive the newsletter please join our email list.  Have questions?  Email us at info@fet-erotica.com 


Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 18

 Photographer JC Stark | Model Heather Hellbelle

Photographer JC Stark | Model Heather Hellbelle

Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 17

 Star Wars Cover High Heels Photography | Models Kristie Munro & TK-4468

Star Wars Cover High Heels Photography | Models Kristie Munro & TK-4468

Fet-Erotica Magazine  Issue 16

 Erotica Cover - Miss Britney Rae

Erotica Cover - Miss Britney Rae

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 Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 1

Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 1