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Fet-Erotica Presents: Exclusive video by Deck Mara

Photos featured in Issue 31 - BDSM


Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 29 - Gas Mask

Fetish Cover | Photographer INKED Photo | Model Alexa

Fetish Cover | Photographer INKED Photo | Model Alexa

Erotica Cover | Photographer BlendePiPhotography | Model Anuskatzz

Erotica Cover | Photographer BlendePiPhotography | Model Anuskatzz

Special featured video for Fet-Erotica Issue 28 - INKED

Video by Photographer Aaron O’Connor IHD. This set also featured in issue 28.

Video & Still Photography by Aaron O'Connor with Model Gemma B Featured in Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 28 - INKED Special Edition

Featured Product by Coyne Leather

Hand crafted, custom leather collar with large O - ring and small D - ring.  The collar is designed so that the rings section can be removed and the collar can be worn as a choker.  The collars pictured below are custom made for our FetCat models baring the FetCat logo.  Fet-Erotica Collars are sold without this logo.  The price of the collar is $50 plus shipping.  If interested in purchasing a collar, please fill out the form below to place your order.


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Goliath Books

Goliath Books presents...

Super Nylon Parade

Sexy girls, sexy legs, and sexy nylons. Full of women, legs, and erotism.

Goliath Special Edition

Publisher: GOLIATH

ISBN: 978-3-95730-044-7

Size: 16 x 24 cm / 6 ¼“ x 9 ½“

Pages: 512

Photos: over 600


24 Photographers: Dave Naz, Octavio Arizala, Holly Randall, Steven Andres, Ethan Angus, Andrew Blake, Chas Ray Krider, Mike James, Christine Kessler, T. Sands, Philip Faith, Tim Jahns, Ellen Stagg, Mike James, David Noir, Lovely Brenda, Mark Novak, Mikhail Paramonov, Derek Ridgers, Michael White, Martin R. Class, Danny Stygion, GT6 Photography, Karl-Rainer Schmidt, John Donegan.


English, German, Français, Español, Italiano.



Even the most beautiful stockings come to an end

Silk stockings were always an expensive luxury item, which only the smallest number of women were able to afford. However, in the 1930s the US chemical company Dupont and the German IG Farben made a type of industrial silk called Nylon or Perlon from carbon, air, and water. When they brought this on to the market, very light stockings became a mass-produced item overnight. In the first year alone, 54 million pairs of nylon stockings were sold in the USA. 

Seeing as only limited numbers could be offered in the beginning, things regularly got physical in American department stores. The joy at this elegant new product did not endure long though: after the outbreak of World War Two, the nylon fibre polyhexamethylene adipamide was categorised as essential to the war effort in both countries it was produced in and used exclusively for ropes, parachutes, and tents. Nylon stockings were now only available for a lot of money on the black market. 

After the end of the war, business was back to usual immediately and became a massive success. In the 1950s, nylon stockings were a typical part of the day and evening wear for most women. They represented the epitome of glamour and still always managed to maintain something slightly indecent. 

Nylon stockings abruptly lost their importance in the miniskirt fashions of the 1960s and 70s, but they reinvented themselves and carried on their success story as tights. They came in all variations imaginable, like with fake seams, patterned, and "ouvert". 

Not only nylon tights, but women's legwear in general has always fascinated men. One only thinks of long boots or latex leggings. Changing fashions have changed nothing about that. That is why we have compiled over 600 erotic photos by different photographers in a thick themed volume. We show young, tall, thin, fat, blonde... girls (attractive at that), and they're all showing their most beautiful and erotic sides in all kinds of indecent legwear.

Goliath Books

Goliath Books presents...


€ 34.99 / 32.99 GBP / 44.99 US$


Star photographer Christian Saint's best book yet. Perfect photos, masterfully produced with 50 of the world's most beautiful tattoo models. The photo book shows lots of naked flesh, together with the most ingenious tattoos. 

Five stars each for the best photographer, most beautiful models, and most creative tattoos! Stylish, professional, and super sexy.

Phenomena are often most interesting when in combination with one another, especially when it comes to extremely beautiful models with super tattoos. Statistics prove how tattoos have now become a standard part of our western culture. Over a quarter of Americans have at least one tattoo, with this number rising to a third amongst people under 30. However, so far only a small group of the many fans have gotten particularly intricate and artistically valuable tattoos. Even smaller is the group of above-average looking girls and women with such outstanding, cool tattoos. Take it from us: looking at both together is just fun and conjures real tattoo voyeurism.


Masterfully produced by fashion and tattoo star photographer Christian Saint, across 250 high-quality printed pages you will see over 50 great-looking tattoo beauties, including Kelly Eden, Bonnie Rotten, Abbey So, Riae, Maegan Machine, Fallon Ven Detta, Alesandra Nicole, Emily Shephard, Cleo Wattenström, Kayte Rae, Annasthesia Awful, Bambu Jessica, Dani Vi, Gabriella Saturria, Linette Otero, Hayley G, Vanessa Lake, Jennifer Lynn, Jesse Lee D, Jessica Wilde, Kay Reynolds, Leila Rose, Leza Lush, Linnea Thomasia, Phay Moss, and Sarah Jensen. Also included are loads of exciting top tattoos, all super erotic and fantastically photographed.

Statistically, almost a fifth of all people with a tattoo regret their tattoo at some point. In most cases this is because it is the name of a person they no longer like – I bet if it was the name of one of the girls in this book, they would not have regretted it.

Threes thumbs up: best photographer, most beautiful models, most creative tattoos!

Biography Christian Saint:

Christian Saint is a professional Advertising, Celebrity & Fine Art photographer from Brooklyn NY. Unsatisfied with the industries narrow view of beauty, Christian focused his efforts on the tattoo community, using his knowledge of commercial fashion and beauty, to help bring "alternative" to the mainstream. From 2007-2015, Christian has been an exclusive contributor to Tattoo Life Magazine, casting and shooting all of their covers. With clients worldwide, his Magazine covers have been distributed in over 50 countries. In 2015, he published a retrospective "Tattoo Super Models” (Goliath Books) and has focused the last three years photographing the most beautiful tattoo models from around the world, for this book.



Goliath Books are now offering handsigned photography prints of some of its most iconic pictures from its most famous photographers, including the world renowned Leonardo Glaus and Holly Randall, king of fetish Christian Saint and pin-up specialist Chas Ray Krider.

All pictures are strictly limited edition - only 30 of each will be made - hand signed, high quality, numbered and available at a great entry-level price.


Contemporary art as well as photography underwent an incredible boom in the past 30 years. Reason enough, to finally build your own collection. If, when, how or why a piece of art increases in value can only sometimes be predicted. Unfortunately there is no guarantee. Rule number one is, to merely collect what you personally like. 

This is why Goliath has compiled a beautiful selection of images from which you can choose the ones you like best. The prints are high quality, limited to 30 copies and available at a great entry-level price. 


Available only at: Goliathbooks.com

Featured FetCat

Scarlette Darling 

FetCat Model Scarlette Darling


2018 coming to an end, it’s been a great year. We would like to thank all the artists who have made Fet-Erotica what it is and its continuing evolution.

Photographer Arthur Steele

Fet-Erotica photoshoot with Model Kit Monroe

Photo JC Stark | Model Kit Monroe

Models interested in working with Fet-Erotica to be featured and shoot for magazine content please contact us at:


FetCat Kit Monroe

FetCat Kit Monroe

Photographers interested in working with any of our FetCats, please feel free to contact us at:


Featured Artist

Serenity Rayne

Photographer Bryan Michael

Photographer Bryan Michael

Fet-Erotica News

FetCats will be working on several shoots as well as putting a special edition of the magazine - FetCats Only...sign up for our mailing list for updates - Email List


Winner of the Shibari / Kinbaku Contest

Photographer and rigger : Boudoir Shibari (website: www.boudoirshibari.com instagram  and twitter @boudoirshibari)

Model : anonymous

Photo by Obsessive Eye | Model Pure Rebel

Photo by Obsessive Eye | Model Pure Rebel

The Fet-Erotica Team

I would like to welcome our new FetCat Models Lizifer, EmilyRose, Strangelilgirl, Femina Carnale, and who will soon be featured with their own page on our site.  New Fetkittens working their way to becoming FetCats: 

Model/photographer K.S. Kitti Nikki - Model Miss Scarlette Darling - Summer Sin Suicide - Queen Morningstar - Wraith Model - Cat Sanchez - Charlotte Nova

As well as some new models to be announced soon.

Fet-Erotica Store

FetCat custom coffee mug coming soon. Contact us for more info on how to get your favorite FetCat on a custom mug.

The Fet-Erotica Store is up and running.  We have several vendors with featured items.  Visit the vendors page for more details.  

The FetCats will be sporting their custom collars and the Official FetCat Uniform created by Coyne Leather.  We will also be selling our very own custom Fet-Erotica collars made by Coyne Leather.  Images coming soon. 

Fet-Erotica is also selling custom, high end whips and flogs created by Anti-Social Products Unlimited.  They are a company dedicated to fabricating quality and durable items for daily use.  They are working on a mask project and will be releasing them soon.  


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Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 26

Fetish Cover | Phantasmagorical Arts Photography | Model Miss Britney Rae

Fetish Cover | Phantasmagorical Arts Photography | Model Miss Britney Rae

Erotica Cover | Photographer Paolo Lazzarotti | Model Herodiade

Erotica Cover | Photographer Paolo Lazzarotti | Model Herodiade

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Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 1

Fet-Erotica Magazine Issue 1