Sarah Sparx

FetCat Sarah Sparx

I am a Welder / Actress / Model / Cinema Producer & Photographer from Davenport, IA who has an extreme love for Surrealism and Gothic Photography and Art. I have featured in several music videos and recently starred in a feature film with another one in Pre-Production. I collect Kaiju's and Oddities due to my deep appreciation for Monsters and the idea of Life After Death.

I LOVE fine art and wicked/dark photography. This type of work is perfect for me and my life partner to explore in.
I truly aspire to be an Icon to young women and my two precious daughters, Starr and Winter. 
I recently Co-Founded a Cinema/Photography company and we just released our first full-length feature which just released on DVD, which I'm SUPER ecstatic about!

I grew up in a house of Motorhead, so I'm a Metal-Head at heart who takes no shit and speaks her mind.
I live to reach for the sky and beyond and I want that to carry on through an influential career in Photography and Visual Art. I ASPIRE to INSPIRE.

Photography Credits: (ALL photos) by TAPEWERM @ /