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Within almost 15 years in business Goliath, now located in Berlin, has established itself as a highly acclaimed international publisher of diverse and often daring photography and art books unafraid to introduce controversial, erotic and subcultural perspectives to modern life. It all started with a photo book about the UFO phenomenon. This was way back in 1997 in New York. Goliath had finally landed. Ever since then Goliath has been fighting to make the world a visually better one with publishing books about The Sexy, The Weird And The Extraordinary. We don’t believe in pornography, but in fun and art – and of course in good photography. Boredom is the first cardinal sin. This explains why we never specialize, but have a wide interest in challenging perspectives and visual entertainment. Amongst our illustrious society of artists are names like the north-american subculture documentalist Charles Gatewood, renowed erotic photographer and punk-rocker Dave Naz, the Belgian artist Pierre Radisic, rock photographer legend Derek Ridgers, gender provocateur and chronicler of the industrial and goth culture Fred Berger, artist and photographer Paul Smith, many talented amateur photographers with a fresh view on girls and life, hemp-activist Rob Griffin, alternative sex’n’punk photographer The Lovely Brenda from New York, retro pin-up specialist Octavio Arizala or fetish fashion photographer Emma Delves-Broughton – to name just a few. Our variety couldn’t be broadlier based. We often get asked, if Goliath was an “erotic publisher”. It’s a yes and no. Yes, we like it naked, who doesn’t? No, we publish art. Who says art is not allowed to be naked? But it is not all about the bare naked truths. Our photographers are creative, often multitasking artists with a sixth sense for style, zeitgeist, new visual concepts and the unconventional. At Goliath books we are deeply committed to high standards in production and design as well as to the high artistic quality of our publications. Our latest brainchild is the stock agency Goliathimages.com to help to spread and promote the good photography and art to a publishing world that is full of clichés about the definition of “erotic”. And that’s the mission we are on.


Enter Stagg’s collection of playful, seductive girls, sure to bring pleasure to all who peruse its pages. From provocative snapshots to sexy girl-on-girl action, Stagg’s photography pushes the envelope and takes the viewer on an exciting journe through her world of artistic nudes. Over 50 well-known adult models are featured in her collection from Justine Joli and Heather Vandeven to Jelena Jansen and Charlotte Stokely.

Ellen Stagg is one of the most well-known American nude photographers. Her passion for photography began in high school, and already during her junior year of college she signed with her first agent. Though she began working successfully in the world of commercial photography, Stagg soon realised her main passion was in erotic photography. It wasn’t until she met adult actress Justine Joli, in 2005, that she had a true outlet in which to practice and grow her vision within her beloved art form. Her collaboration with Joli was the jumpstart to a lustrous career in erotic photography that would include features in top publications such as Playboy and Penthouse. 

Stagg has now put together a unique anthology of her best nude shots captured over the last 10 years. Over 50 well-known adult models are featured in her collection from Justine Joli and Heather Vandeven to Jelena Jansen and Charlotte Stokely.


Stagg’s images showcase confident females who are wild and rampant in front of the camera. True to the traditional style of American erotic photography. An expression of freedom and liberty, attributes that burn inside of all us. Nothing is off-limits in this truly enticing, daring and provocative collection.  With more hotness at every page turn, this book is a true pleasure!

About Ellen Stagg

Ellen Stagg began her photography career in 1994, when she discovered her love for the medium in a high school art class. While still in high school, she began showing her first black and white photos in small art galleries in Connecticut. In 1996, she moved to New York City to receive her BFA in photography at the School of Visual Arts. By the end of her junior year at SVA, she'd signed with her first agent, setting her on the path to pursue a career in commercial photography. 

Though Stagg found success in the world of commercial photography, her true passion always lay with the erotic. After years of struggling to connect with models who would understand her vision, Stagg met Justine Joli in 2005; the award winning adult actress quickly became Stagg's muse. Through Joli, Stagg was able to connect to other women from the adult industry. Stagg found it easy to create nude art with these "pros;" and started staggstreet.com.  This site brought clients such as Penthouse and Playboy, a documentary on IFC.com, art shows around the world and more. 


Goliath Books

Goliath Books presents...

History of Sexual Punishment - In Pictures

Karl F. Sturer Collection

Publisher: GOLIATH

ISBN EU / WORLD: 978-3-95730-047-8

ISBN US / UK: 978-3-95730-048-5

Size / Format: 4.5” x 7” · 11,5 x 18 cm

Pages / Seiten: 272

Fotos / Photos: 240


Languages / Sprachen:

English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano

Preis / Price: 

€ 24.99 / US$ 34.99 / GBP 24.99  




Flogging, an element of corporal punishment, was already practised by early humans. Sources can be found in the context of nearly all antique societies: the Sumerians did it, as did the Israelites; it was carried out in ancient India, China and Rome. Becoming particularly widespread in mediaeval times as a punishment, it was practised within Christian movements in the form of self-flagellation right up to the 19th century. In the USA, at the time of slavery, flogging was a frequent form of punishment, as it was under the National Socialist regime in Germany.  To this day, flogging is carried out as an element of sharia law in some Islamic societies. Even the corporal punishment of children by whipping survives in some countries to this day. Alongside the gradually declining punishment, there also exists sexually motivated flogging, or spanking, a BDSM practice.   This photographic documentation consists of over 300 representations of flogging, among them a large proportion of erotic illustrations and depictions from antiquity to today. The images come from the most varied collections and sources. Certain of them have been further elucidated with text. They range from academic to porno trash and represent probably the most interesting and erotic collection ever put together on the subject of flogging. 


Goliath Books

Goliath Books presents...

Super Nylon Parade

Sexy girls, sexy legs, and sexy nylons. Full of women, legs, and erotism.

Goliath Special Edition

Publisher: GOLIATH

ISBN: 978-3-95730-044-7

Size: 16 x 24 cm / 6 ¼“ x 9 ½“

Pages: 512

Photos: over 600


24 Photographers: Dave Naz, Octavio Arizala, Holly Randall, Steven Andres, Ethan Angus, Andrew Blake, Chas Ray Krider, Mike James, Christine Kessler, T. Sands, Philip Faith, Tim Jahns, Ellen Stagg, Mike James, David Noir, Lovely Brenda, Mark Novak, Mikhail Paramonov, Derek Ridgers, Michael White, Martin R. Class, Danny Stygion, GT6 Photography, Karl-Rainer Schmidt, John Donegan.


English, German, Français, Español, Italiano.



Even the most beautiful stockings come to an end

Silk stockings were always an expensive luxury item, which only the smallest number of women were able to afford. However, in the 1930s the US chemical company Dupont and the German IG Farben made a type of industrial silk called Nylon or Perlon from carbon, air, and water. When they brought this on to the market, very light stockings became a mass-produced item overnight. In the first year alone, 54 million pairs of nylon stockings were sold in the USA. 

Seeing as only limited numbers could be offered in the beginning, things regularly got physical in American department stores. The joy at this elegant new product did not endure long though: after the outbreak of World War Two, the nylon fibre polyhexamethylene adipamide was categorised as essential to the war effort in both countries it was produced in and used exclusively for ropes, parachutes, and tents. Nylon stockings were now only available for a lot of money on the black market. 

After the end of the war, business was back to usual immediately and became a massive success. In the 1950s, nylon stockings were a typical part of the day and evening wear for most women. They represented the epitome of glamour and still always managed to maintain something slightly indecent. 

Nylon stockings abruptly lost their importance in the miniskirt fashions of the 1960s and 70s, but they reinvented themselves and carried on their success story as tights. They came in all variations imaginable, like with fake seams, patterned, and "ouvert". 

Not only nylon tights, but women's legwear in general has always fascinated men. One only thinks of long boots or latex leggings. Changing fashions have changed nothing about that. That is why we have compiled over 600 erotic photos by different photographers in a thick themed volume. We show young, tall, thin, fat, blonde... girls (attractive at that), and they're all showing their most beautiful and erotic sides in all kinds of indecent legwear.

Goliath Books

Goliath Books presents...


€ 34.99 / 32.99 GBP / 44.99 US$


Star photographer Christian Saint's best book yet. Perfect photos, masterfully produced with 50 of the world's most beautiful tattoo models. The photo book shows lots of naked flesh, together with the most ingenious tattoos. 

Five stars each for the best photographer, most beautiful models, and most creative tattoos! Stylish, professional, and super sexy.

Phenomena are often most interesting when in combination with one another, especially when it comes to extremely beautiful models with super tattoos. Statistics prove how tattoos have now become a standard part of our western culture. Over a quarter of Americans have at least one tattoo, with this number rising to a third amongst people under 30. However, so far only a small group of the many fans have gotten particularly intricate and artistically valuable tattoos. Even smaller is the group of above-average looking girls and women with such outstanding, cool tattoos. Take it from us: looking at both together is just fun and conjures real tattoo voyeurism.


Masterfully produced by fashion and tattoo star photographer Christian Saint, across 250 high-quality printed pages you will see over 50 great-looking tattoo beauties, including Kelly Eden, Bonnie Rotten, Abbey So, Riae, Maegan Machine, Fallon Ven Detta, Alesandra Nicole, Emily Shephard, Cleo Wattenström, Kayte Rae, Annasthesia Awful, Bambu Jessica, Dani Vi, Gabriella Saturria, Linette Otero, Hayley G, Vanessa Lake, Jennifer Lynn, Jesse Lee D, Jessica Wilde, Kay Reynolds, Leila Rose, Leza Lush, Linnea Thomasia, Phay Moss, and Sarah Jensen. Also included are loads of exciting top tattoos, all super erotic and fantastically photographed.

Statistically, almost a fifth of all people with a tattoo regret their tattoo at some point. In most cases this is because it is the name of a person they no longer like – I bet if it was the name of one of the girls in this book, they would not have regretted it.

Threes thumbs up: best photographer, most beautiful models, most creative tattoos!

Biography Christian Saint:

Christian Saint is a professional Advertising, Celebrity & Fine Art photographer from Brooklyn NY. Unsatisfied with the industries narrow view of beauty, Christian focused his efforts on the tattoo community, using his knowledge of commercial fashion and beauty, to help bring "alternative" to the mainstream. From 2007-2015, Christian has been an exclusive contributor to Tattoo Life Magazine, casting and shooting all of their covers. With clients worldwide, his Magazine covers have been distributed in over 50 countries. In 2015, he published a retrospective "Tattoo Super Models” (Goliath Books) and has focused the last three years photographing the most beautiful tattoo models from around the world, for this book.



Goliath Books are now offering handsigned photography prints of some of its most iconic pictures from its most famous photographers, including the world renowned Leonardo Glaus and Holly Randall, king of fetish Christian Saint and pin-up specialist Chas Ray Krider.

All pictures are strictly limited edition - only 30 of each will be made - hand signed, high quality, numbered and available at a great entry-level price.


Contemporary art as well as photography underwent an incredible boom in the past 30 years. Reason enough, to finally build your own collection. If, when, how or why a piece of art increases in value can only sometimes be predicted. Unfortunately there is no guarantee. Rule number one is, to merely collect what you personally like. 

This is why Goliath has compiled a beautiful selection of images from which you can choose the ones you like best. The prints are high quality, limited to 30 copies and available at a great entry-level price. 


Available only at: Goliathbooks.com