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Winner of the Shibari / Kinbaku Contest

boudoir shibari.jpg

Spiritual ties remain in your heart

Photographer and rigger : Boudoir Shibari (website:, instagram,and twitter @boudoirshibari)

Model : anonymous

Winner of the Sub/Dom Image Contest


The master gives the gift of control, the slave gives the gift of submission

Models: Miss Rockabellalynne and Ambrosia_rotten

Photo by: Tat2devinphotography

Bondage Contest Winner - Untamed Fury

Congratulations Duchess Jealoquin!  Your image and your story are inspiring.  We are proud to be able to help support Artists like yourself who are dedicated to the art they create.  Thank you for taking part in this contest and sharing your story and art with us and the many fans and fellow artists of Fet-Erotica.

"I am the model, Duchess Jealoquin. I am disabled and spend the majority of my time in a wheelchair. Bound by the ropes life has cast upon me.

This photo depicts how I struggle and succumb to my restraints. Sometimes we have to admit defeat if we are to survive and fight again. Each day is this struggle though, with my ever decaying body, depicted by the decay of the abandoned building around me. My restraints aren't finite however, and with a quick flick of a knife they could fall from me. I would fall too though, for the restraints that hold me down are the only supports holding me up. Truly a conundrum of the utmost kind."  -Duchess Jealoquin

Untamed Fury

Model: Duchess Jealoquin

Rigger: Cassavini

Photographer: Ericka Talbot

Ericka L.C. Photography.

Fine Art Nude & Creative Pose Contest

Prize: Custom Leather two prong slapper - created by Coyne Leather - IG @coyneleather


sindee fernandez image2.jpeg

Sindee Fernandez

Define Your Erotica Contest

Contest winner Mark Page

Photos with an Attitude

Winner of the "Define Your Erotica" image Contest

Mark Page

Writing Contest

Contests will be posted on this page and updated regularly.  We will also blog updates and send emails.  Join our email list to stay up to date on all upcoming writing and magazine deadlines.  JOIN HERE

Pleasure & Pain

writing contest for all you writers. Winner of the contest has their piece featured in Fet-Erotica Magazine. The subject for this contest is PLEASURE & PAIN. Your submission should be 300-700 words long in any format you wish. Poems are accepted as well.  

Winner of the contest will have their piece published in Fet-Erotica Magazine and receive a digital copy along with tear sheets.

Submit your entry to our email at with the subject heading writing contest.