Carly Lou

FetCat Carly Lou

I'm a 28 year old Scorpio and published alternative and fetish model. I'm a mother of two beautiful children, two fuzzy cats, and one gorgeous german shepherd. In my spare time (when I have any!) I enjoy reading, horror movies, and heavy metal music. I currently have 20 tattoos (two on four fingers, one on the rest that spell out Lady Luck and the card suits as I'm a pro at Texas Hold Em poker! I have one between my shoulder blades that is my maiden name of Smith, one on my neck that was drawn by a friend and is my husband and mine's zodiac elements combined, one on my shoulder that is a rendition of a 'mom' tattoo and is a tribute to my Scotch Irish heritage, one on my right arm that is dedicated to my parents as a whole, one on my hip that is a memorial for my father who passed when I was 13, and one on my left arm that is the start to a sleeve that will be completed by an incredible artist named Eddie Greer who is the owner of Nebraska Electric Tattoo Co in Lincoln. I cant wait to see the magic we make together here in the near future! I got into modeling as a way to express my personality and sexuality, and also to show my daughters that they have the power to do absolutely anything they want with their lives, regardless of what other people may think of them. My goal is to teach them to do everything with passion and fire and to follow their dreams no matter what.

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