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"The Lost Diamond: A Tale Of Depression" By Kit Monroe

"The Lost Diamond: A Tale of Depression"

I feel like I've lost my sparkle

A diamond tumbling through murky waters

I keep reaching blindly into the ocean to see if I can feel it with my fingertips 

My efforts become tireless and I lay back hoping to float while I sleep through the darkness 

The tears come when I don't want them and they are never around when I need them

Fire can't burn bright enough to see the ocean floor 

I keep rubbing sticks together to see if it will ignite but the rain won't stop 

The waters keep rising pulling me further and further away from the depth

The strength is gone and the hope is fading 

I can only see a tiny glimpse now 

I remind myself that a diamond is still a diamond even on the ocean floor

One day if I'm patient, the diamond will be tossed upon the shore 


photographer Le Chic Imagery

FetCat Model Kit Monroe

Instagram burnlessflame