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History of Sexual Punishment – in pictures

 History of Sexual Punishment – in pictures 

Karl F. Sturer Collection

Publisher: GOLIATH

ISBN EU / WORLD: 978-3-95730-047-8

ISBN US / UK: 978-3-95730-048-5

Size / Format:4.5” x 7” · 11,5 x 18 cm

Pages / Seiten: 272

Fotos / Photos:240


Languages / Sprachen:

English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano

Preis / Price:

€ 24.99 / US$34.99 / GBP24.99


History of Sexual Punishment – in pictures

Ooooohhhh…oooowwwww – 300 years of erotic spanking in pictures.  From the punishments of classical times to today’s pornographic role-play. A story of pain and pleasure. An outspoken work with a unique collection of images. Ouch! very good.