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"Dirty Thoughts"

The anticipation grew more with each passing day...

She began to wonder why she even wore panties...

She couldn't keep her cunt from being so slick..


He made her wet with his words...

She was hungry for more..

Wanted to taste and him to devour her.


She knew she liked him from the start

Staying away... she kept it in the dark

His words drew her in, and that smile..

The dirty things she thought of doing

Each time she looked at him


Touching herself, imagining him...

Moaning, breathless, toes curling..

Each day, she fucked herself..

Each day wanting more.


Wanted to touch...

Wanted to taste...

Wanting to fuck...

And ride his face...


He did this to her...

This sweet little girl

He turned her out

Unleashing such a filthy whore.


Photographer nmphotographic

Instagram nashville_beauty_photography

Model Evangeline Carter