Aellai Asteria

FetCat Aellai Asteria

A pagan whirlwind of fetish and fine art based in Georgia. I'm an old soul with a passion for creating emotionally charged images. I got my start in modeling a few years ago upon being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. Hair modeling with my long locks is where I began, from there I started shooting more often and realized I had found a new passion. I moved forward with alternative fashion modeling along with continuing hair modeling. I still do quite a bit of both now although I do shoot predominantly nude and fetish art. I have a taste for all things macabre and melancholy which has spilled into my work as of late. I want to constantly grow and push myself outside of my boundaries to continue to bring thought provoking images. Nude and fetish modeling has brought a new found confidence and empowerment to my life. I find beauty in submission and vulnerability. Being able to let go in front of a camera and bring erotic concepts to life in such a way that exudes sensuality is what I strive for. My body modifications and muscles might make me seem hard, but I have a demure side that balances out all of my ink and piercings. I want my art to show that there are multiple ways to be strong and beautiful. Becoming a FetCat has provided me with even more passion and inspiration for my craft. I continue to learn every single day and I try to take something away from each shoot and apply it to my future sets. I will never stop reaching for the stars and doing everything in my power to bring all that I am into my work. I am honored to be a part of this incredible family and hope to be creating art for many years to come.